Integrity and Longstanding Experience in the Agriculture and Food Industries

The founder of JMAC Trading, Inc., Masaki Mizuhashi, has 30 years experience as a market specialists for Japanese and Asian food and agricultural. With attention to the smallest details along the way, his companies have built a solid international network for production and distribution solutions.


Products and Services

Import and export agriculture products and food ingredients
Carrot juice/puree
Vegetable juice/puree
Fruits juice for industrial and food service use
Tomato paste/puree/sauces for industrial and food service use
Barley malt for beer and other ingredients
Frozen vegetables
Dried vegetables and fruits
Fresh produce: baby carrot, onion, broccoli
Retail food products: Crystal Noodle Soup

Start up business consulting in Japan and USA

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Our original brand Crystal Noodle Soup series is imported and distributed nationwide
by our subsidiary Embridge Foods, Inc.

Company Information

Masaki Mizuhashi

January 2, 2001

369 Van Ness Way, Suite 707,
Torrance, CA 90501, USA

Tel (310) 212-6790
Fax (310) 212-6768


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